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Try These Quick, Budget-Friendly Fixes to Make Your Home Standout

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While it is certainly true that Florida's home buyers are looking for spacious, comfortable living areas, these spaces alone are not always enough of an incentive to get them to sign a purchase offer. Instead, most buyers want to find a home that offers both great living areas and functional, stylish kitchens and bathrooms.
Since gutting these heavy use areas can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, home sellers are often tempted to list their home without making needed updates. If you are in the midst of prepping your home to sell, taking the time to make these quick updates can help you add new life and appeal to a less-than-memorable kitchen and bath. 

Bathroom Updates That Won't Break the Bank

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, yet they face the heaviest usage. This type of pressure can cause surfaces to experience signs of wear much more quickly than areas that are used less frequently. In addition, these spaces usually get less natural light than other areas of the home, which can make them seem even smaller and more depressing.
Luckily, there are some small improvements homeowners can make that will add a fresh, invigorating appeal to a tired bathroom, here are five of the best to get you started. 
  • Start with a fresh coat of paint on walls, ceilings, and cabinetry, choosing a light color to make the room feel larger.
  • Remove heavy window treatments and faded blinds and opt instead to apply a simple, translucent window film that offers plenty of privacy while allowing soft natural light to filter through.
  • Change out a boring bathtub and sink faucets with new matching ones in an eye-catching style or finish.
  • Swap standard shower heads for one that will grab buyer attention, such as an oversized rain head with an extension arm. 
  • Update cabinetry and drawers with sleek new pulls and knobs to add a stylish element. 
Taking these simple, inexpensive steps to visibly brighten and refresh the interior of your bathrooms will help capture and hold the interest of choosy buyers, without involving the time or cost of a full bathroom remodel. 

Quick Kitchen Fixes to Heat Up Buyer Interest 

Second, only to bathrooms in terms of daily usage, the kitchen is another area in which homeowners can stretch their budget with a few key updates.
Like the bathroom, it is important to begin with freshly painted walls and cabinetry to lighten and brighten the space. If the kitchen sink is stained or scratched, consider replacing it with a new larger one, such as the immensely popular farmhouse-style, along with new faucets. When choosing a faucet, consider upgrading to a style that will appeal to buyers who really like to cook, such as one with an extension arm to make washing and filling large pots easier.
Good lighting is just as critical in the kitchen as in the bathroom. If the current lighting seems dark or drab, consider adding extra light under the counters to illuminate work areas. This can be done inexpensively and without cutting into the walls by concealing simple rope lighting along the bottoms of upper cabinetry, making sure to have the plug end placement near an existing electrical socket. 
Kitchens are excellent areas in which to add a touch of informal personality that buyers will notice and appreciate. This can be done frugally by opting for fun, eye-catching shapes, textures, or colors when updating drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. To add more vibrant appeal in monochromatic kitchen, choose pulls and knobs that will contrast sharply with the existing color scheme. For instance, fire engine red pulls and knobs have the power to warm up cool, white cabinets and walls. 
To get even more budget-friendly ideas to update your home for the competitive Central Florida real estate market, plan to spend a few hours browsing the showrooms and samples at a well-stocked plumbing supply store, like Termine's Specialty Supply

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