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How to Modernize Your Bathroom

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Modern Style Bathroom
You don't want your bathroom looking like it belongs in their 1970's-style home. If the color theme of your bathroom uses a funky hue, has wallpaper, lacks storage space, or has cracks in any of the fixtures, then your bathroom needs an update.
Even if your bathroom doesn't look aged, a touch of modernization won't hurt. Use the following suggestions to give it an up-to-date and trendy appearance.

Replace the Tub and Shower

You have probably always thought of a bathtub or shower as having one primary function: to clean your body. While that is true, you should consider other aspects too. If you stress out a lot, for example, bathing can be an opportunity to relax. The type of tub or shower you have contributes to the overall vibe of the lavatory.
Most tubs are placed so that two or three sides of it are connected to a wall. You can add a touch of modern luxury, however, by taking it out and having it placed so that only the side where the faucets are touches the wall. Alternatively, have it be a stand-alone tub and place it towards the center of the room. This type of setting will allow you to feel a sense of openness, which can help make you feel relaxed.

Alter the Lighting

Light plays a huge role when it comes to setting a mood. Have you noticed that you're happier and more alert when outside on a bright, sunny day? Or that you're much more relaxed and ready to doze off when in a dimly lit room? Take how you feel around certain lighting into consideration and apply it to your bathroom.
If you prefer a bright environment, go for full-spectrum light bulbs that mimic the sun. AZCentral even says that these lights may improve your mood and energy. If you want a relaxing environment, try dimmer lights that let you change the level of brightness at will. For example, you can have the room be dim while relaxing in the tub and brighter while taking care of your beauty needs in front of the mirror.

Get a New Vanity

You might not realize it, but you most likely use your vanity a lot. You often store products, brush your teeth, and look at the mirror. If the vanity feels too crowded due to the lack of storage or counter space or if the sink looks too basic, get a new vanity.
Find a vanity that has enough counter space to fit all of the things that you like to have in front of you while getting ready in the morning. Make sure that there is plenty of usable storage underneath. You don't want it to be a cupboard that opens up to the pipes. The vanity should have drawers or shelving as well. Don’t forget to add a unique, stylish sink to the unit that will impress your home's visitors.

Focus on Color

Black, white, and gray are considered timeless colors. They will never go out of date. However, walls painted with hues and trendy colors and non-white, colored sinks, toilets, and tubs will one day end up in books on the history of interior design.
If you're painting the walls a trendy color, see how each color option you're considering looks in different types of lighting and times of day. You might find that you only like the color choices in certain lighting environments, so find one that works for all. If you stick to a basic timeless color scheme, choose an accent color and place artwork and items around the bathroom of that color.
You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In fact, you'll have spent over two years' worth of in there by the end of your life. Call Termine's Specialty Supply, and we'll help modernize your bathroom so that time is spent in a high-quality environment.

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