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5 Low-Flow Plumbing Necessities to Reduce Daily Water Usage

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The less water you use, the smaller your environmental footprint will be. And whether you're on a city hookup and paying by the gallon for your water and sewer or whether you have a septic system with a limited capacity, water efficiency offers you other benefits as well. 

Having fixtures and appliances that allow you to accomplish just as much with less water can make all the difference. Here are five types of low-flow products that can help you use your plumbing and water more efficiently throughout the day.

1. Toilets

Whether you prefer to replace your old toilet with a newer low-flow model or simply add a water-saving dual-flush apparatus, you can significantly reduce your water usage in the bathroom. Buying a toilet designed for low-flow usage is likely the most efficient and satisfactory solution here. Older toilets can be forced to use less water, but may not work as effectively.

Newer water-efficient toilets, designed to work better with limited water, may have larger passages for water to move through. Others may have pressure-assisted flushes to make up for having less help from gravity. An older toilet can be retrofitted to use less water than it's currently using, but a newer toilet may use just 1 gallon per flush.

2. Showerheads

Low-flow showerheads have something for everyone nowadays. If you prefer a hotter, higher-pressure flow, choose one with non-aerated streams of water. If you prefer a wetter feel, choose one with an aerated flow that helps water spread further over your skin.

You can even find showerheads that work for households with finicky family members. If someone in your family refuses to save water during their shower, you can buy a showerhead with multiple flow levels. Switch to the lower flow level for your shower, then let others switch to the higher setting later when they shower.

3. Faucets

Like showerheads, faucet aerators typically insert air into the stream of water to create a gentle stream of water that spreads easily over your hands or dirty dishes. But not all faucet aerators are created equal. You have to actually search out the most efficient models.

A low-flow faucet aerator can make a big difference compared to a standard one. In the bathroom, a WaterSense aerator can cut faucet water use from 2.2 gallons per minute to just 0.5 gallons per minute if you go for the lowest-flow option.

You may not want the lowest possible flow in the kitchen (you don't want to take forever filling up that pitcher of water). However, a slightly slower flow can still be useful. A low-flow kitchen faucet can save water when you're washing your hands, rinsing produce or dishes, and so on.

4. Cleaning Appliances

Dishwashers and washing machines can use hundreds of gallons of water per week, depending on the model and on how often they're used. Although both these appliances may last well over a decade before breaking down, replacing them early can lead to big savings in both water use and electricity.

Recent developments in the industry have focused on ways to clean clothing and dishes effectively with less water and less electricity. So if you're still hunting for a way to decrease water consumption, replacing old water-hogging appliances could be the next step.

5. Sprinklers and Hoses

Don't forget to go low-flow outside too. Watering garden beds with drip irrigation whenever possible, rather than sprinklers, can help reduce water loss to evaporation. And when you do use a sprinkler, make sure it has a timer so you don't leave it on longer than necessary. You could even try a smart watering controller that only turns on the sprinkler when it's needed.

These five necessities can help you save water throughout your day in many arenas of your life, such as cleaning, landscaping, and personal hygiene. Termine's Specialty Supply can help you find the right plumbing fixtures and accessories to help you live a greener lifestyle.

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